Some of our designs utilize swivel locking casters that allow the users to place barriers where they are needed at a moment's notice. When not in use our barriers can be pushed off to the side so they are out of the way. They also nest in a small footprint so our customers can keep their valuable floor-space working for them.



With a tube and joint frame, our barriers are meant to last through this pandemic and beyond. Our designs can withstand bumps and bangs without falling apart. They are designed to protect people while interacting with each other by using a piece of clear plastic perfectly sized for best vision.



Not only is the tube and joint framework rigid, but it is extremely affordable and cost effective. Our go-to plastic for our standard designs is a clear industrial PVC that has chemical resistance similar to polycarbonate, is as scratch resistant as acrylic (but three times more impact resistant), and is up to 40% less expensive than similarly dimensioned acrylic.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

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