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Shadow Boards And Case Inserts

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY - Ongoing tool loss is expensive for organizations.  Shadow boards are an easy way to create tool accountability on the manufacturing floor.  When each tool has a specific location, it can quickly be identified as being present or missing.  This allows operators to have quick visual identification for the beginning, middle and end of each shift.  
  2. ORGANIZATION - Working out of a clustered toolbox costs time.  Every second of time spent looking for a tool in a disorganized pile means lost throughput.  By organizing with shadow boards, case inserts, and other custom foam cutouts, items can be found without hesitation.  Additionally, with every item having a cutout specifically designed for it, clutter and disorder is virtually eliminated.  Eliminating clutter ensures that the right tool is at the ready for the job at hand.
  3. PROTECTION - Custom case inserts, custom foam cutouts, and shadow boards protect the tools and devices placed inside.  By creating a cutout that fits the entire profile of the item, we limit its ability to move and its interaction with other objects that could cause damage.  Our custom case inserts, custom foam cutouts, and shadow boards take protection to a whole new level.
  4. EXCEPTIONAL - Other companies in the industry use die cutting, abrasive wire, mill cutting, or a water jet to cut their foam.  Mashak Engineering Solutions has perfected laser cutting of foam and plastics.  What that means to our customers is nearly zero FOD (foreign object debris), improved accuracy with offset options, and sealing the cut edges closed leaving a clean finished look.