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Tube And Joint

  1. MODULAR - Tube and joint is a modular system that allows you to disassemble and reconfigure as many times as you want.  You can also add on to the system without having to start from scratch to custom fit your application.  This means that you save money on materials and time.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - This modular system allows you to reconfigure an entire structure with little more than a 5mm hex wrench.  This feature allows changes to be made quickly and effectively right on the manufacturing floor.
  3. STRONG AND SLEEK- The tube and joint system that we use is made from steel tubing with and HDPE plastic coating.  The pipes are 20%-30% lighter than the average welded steel structure while retaining most of the same integrity.  The plastic HDPE coating can be specified in a number of colors, which leads to more visual identification and a cleaner look.  By creating area-specific color schemes, work areas look, feel, and operate like well-designed systems that improve efficiency and safety.