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Structural Extruded Aluminum

  1. STRENGTH- Unlike any extruded aluminum modular system on the market, this system creates a patented mechanical lock between brackets and extrusions.  This system eliminates loosening of bracketry from vibration or movement, meaning that you save money on maintenance and replacement parts.
  2. NO-HASSLE MODULAR - This modular system allows you to reconfigure an entire structure with little more than a 5mm hex wrench.  Precision self-aligning components help to create stronger joints and eliminate the hassle of misalignment leading to structures that can be built in half the time with infinitely more precision.  This system can also adapt to most existing t-slot systems on the market.
  3. COSMETIC VALUE - With standard extrusion color options of bronze, black, or clear anodizing, you get a Type II Architectural Class I finish that is 18 microns thick.  Standard components (bracketry) are Class II (10 micron thick) black anodized for a clean and professional look.  From fixturing, to workstations, to executive office desks, this system has the look, strength, and adaptability that customers are looking for.